5 Must-Have Saws For Woodworking Beginners

Wood SawIf you are a woodworker, you must be familiar with the saws I have mentioned in the article. But for a novice who is starting the woodworking hobby, these power saws may be new.
First, let’s see what a power saw is. A power saw is a machine that consists of a sturdy blade with hard toothed edges that rotates or reciprocates with the help of a power source like electricity, gas or air. It is used to cut pieces of wood or plastic in the desired shapes.
Various types of saws are available in the market; let us see five of the most commonly used saws in the woodworking industry.

1. Table saw

It is one of the most popular and powerful tools that you may find in the business of woodworking. The table saw is fast and versatile. It is used to cut board of wooden sheets.

As the name suggests, the table saw consists of a work table and a circular saw blade that is fixed at the center. The blade projects out through a slot in the center of the table. It runs with the help of an electric motor attached in it. Apart from that, I’ll recommend you to look for the latest version for more features. This tool is the heart of all the woodworking shops. Table saw is the primary tool that one should not forget to buy. Just look for the features you want, and see which table saw fits the best in your budget.

2. The band saw

It is among the variety of advanced woodworking tool. A bandsaw can be either vertical or horizontal. The vertical band saw is tall, and it stands on the floor and is very easy to handle. It is most suitable for cutting wood, MDF, plywood, tubes, and PVC’s.

In case of a band saw a continuous loop of metal with cutting edges on one side acts as the blade. The band saw cuts the wood in very uniformly and smoothly. The tool is most commonly used for woodworking metalworking and lumbering to cut a variety of materials.

3. Compound Miter Saw

It is a more sophisticated woodworking tool. In recent years, miter saws have become popular among woodworkers and builders. With the saw one could make straight, compound and miter cuts in the wood.
Miter Saw Woodworking
It consists of an arm, on which the blade is mounted. You can rotate the bed of the machine cut at the desired angle. The arm can be also be tilted to various complex angles as well. If you need to trim crown moldings, then this is the tool that can work wonders for you.

4. Jigsaw

Jigsaw, another category of the saw. It consists of a small and fine-toothed blade. This blade moves up and down at variable speeds. It is used to cut the curves and circular patterns in full stock. Learn how to use a jig saw.

Since it is specially designed for cutting the curves and complex profiles, these are very useful in woodworking. It is also used by builders to install countertops and cut various shapes. They are available in both corded and cordless version. For maximum flexibility, I recommend you to look for a cordless jigsaw or with a long cord.

5. Scroll saw

It is a type of saw that makes use of a reciprocating blade. However, unlike a jigsaw where only one end of the blade is fixed, on a scroll saw both the ends of the blades are fixed.


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One can create an intricate scroll, spiral ends, and patterns with the help of this tool. You will have to move your work in the required path to make complex shaped cuts. As the material can be laid on the table while cutting, and you have total control over the movement of the workpiece, it will ensure precise cut details.

These are some of the saws in the profession of woodworking that are more common in use. You will use these cutting tools to size the wood and cut the wood to make various wood joints.

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